Latest Technology We Saw at CES 2019

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CES is an annual trade show that no tech lover can afford to miss. Every year people from around the world eagerly wait to attend the CES tech show. CES 2019 was again one of the successful events where approximately 200,000 people gathered from across the globe. The excitement of people during the show is something hard to describe. So, let’s explore the latest tech gadgets you should pick and take your home.

Have a look at these Best in Show awards from CES 2019 with Roger Samara.

Dell XPS 13 (2019)

Dell XPS 13 (2019)

No doubt Dell XPS 13 (2019) does not contain something very innovative as compared to the last model, still, it managed to create an amazing laptop promotion on before. They tried out to come out with more perfection by introducing the webcam back in the top bezel.

Also a Core i3 model and latest Frost White color making the XPS 13 low-priced than before.

Alienware Area 51m

Alienware Area 51m

Alienware Area 51m is another laptop that is becoming popular among youngsters. People really liking and appreciating its features.

Not like other gaming laptops, the 51m motive is not to be thin and portable. Instead, it comprises amazing looks with some mad specs which include upgraded NVidia’s RTX 2000 range of graphics cards.

Asus RoG Mothership

Asus RoG Mothership

Let’s welcome another mad gaming device with a different style – RoG Mothership from Asus.

Basically, it is a type of gaming of Microsoft’s Surface tablet, which is something every gaming lover should consider. This amazing chunky tablet with a kickstand comprises Core i9 and RTX 2080. Isn’t cool?

Asus ZenBook S13

Asus ZenBook S13

In recent times regular laptops and the ZenBook never got such attention as compare to Dell’s XPS. And this is a case of its new technology version.

This new version comprises a 97 percent screen-to-body ratio which looks amazing. Possibly they have used a ‘reverse notch’ that holds the camera and also makes it pleasant and easy to open.

LG Gram 17

Those who are looking for a portable laptop but find 13.3- or even 15.6in screen just too small then you must try this LG gram 17.

Using the latest techniques, LG has produced the gram 17 at just 1.3kg. It offers users 8th-gen Intel and other decent specs too.

Huawei MateBook 13 (2019)

Huawei MateBook 13 (2019)

There are many people who like Huawei products, as it always has something new to offer. This time Huawei has introduced updated flagship.

Needless to say, in recent years Huawei has proven that it can produce excellent laptops when it comes to quality, price, and specifications. This is something you cannot ignore. Indeed.

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart Clock is something different in the gadget world and of course a rival for the Amazon Echo Spot.

You can keep it at the bedside table, as it is basically a Google home mini with a screen. It comprises nifty light alarm features, recommended alarm times as per your calendar events and much more.

Final Words

So, in case you have missed the CES 2019 updates, these are the few gadgets that fetched the attention of the gadget lovers and experts including Roger Samara.

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Basic Things You Should Know About Data Science

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Around 6 billion and more devices connected to the internet at present, as much as 2.5 million terabytes of data are produced each day. By 2020, a lot more devices are expected to get linked, evaluating an estimate of around 30 million terabytes of data each day.

As a tech lover or an IT professional, this should make you curious to explore more. So, if you’re someone who is curious to know more about Data Science.

Let’s explore a few basic things about data science with Roger Samara.

What actually is Data Science all about?

It has become a hot topic when it comes to new technology and trends in the Information Technology world. This is common with many technologies which individuals start discussing as nonsense without having actual knowledge of what is meant by the technology, what comes within its scope and so on. Therefore it is essential to discuss in a bit of detail.

The confusion arises at the point when you consider data science as part of today’s technical scenario. It comes with its numerous components. Every time when people talk about the constituents of data science, they actually talking about big data. At the same time, they are talking about several jobs that form part of Data Science – what really is a role of Data Scientist’s what actually is the Data Curator’s role, what particularly id the Data Librarian’s role and so on. At present scenario when you talk about it as a field within itself, it mainly deals with large chunks of data.

Hadoop’s role when you talk about Data Science

It basically alludes to huge information and vast amounts of frameworks which are utilized to grapple with this large data. There are a significant number of structures which are existing, and they happen to have their very own pros and cons. Hadoop is the most far-reaching and mainstream structure. At whatever point you talk about data science, you talk about the various examination, which you have worked on this substantial amount of data – you truly can’t escape Hadoop.

Every time when you perform a statistical examination, there is no need to care about Hadoop or any such structure for big data. However, Data Science happens to be an alternate creature. Likewise, Hadoop is created in Java, so it will truly help on the off chance that you comprehend Java too.

What is R in Data Science?

R is really a programming language for figures. Avoiding R is not a good idea since when you speak of different algorithms you have to apply over this large range of data in for you to have the capacity to get to the bits of knowledge of this information or essentially to empower certain machine learning algorithms over its highest point, you have to employ the services of R.

What is Apache Mahout?

Apache Mahout happens to be a library utilized for machine learning. It has been produced by Apache. Presently, what are the purposes behind getting so much popularity? What decisively are the causes behind it? The genuine sauce is that it specifically incorporates to science. It is truly not just about the sheer volume of information. It is extremely about getting helpful bits of knowledge from a given set of data.

Mahout happens to have an immediate vital condition with Hadoop that enables it to utilize Hadoop’s capacity of preparing in executing its algorithm on big data. According to Roger Samara, on the off chance that you investigate enormous organizations including Facebook and LinkedIn, you will experience Mahout Implementations.

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How Mellanox Technologies Beating Other Computer and Technology Stocks?

The demand for more computing power, effectiveness and scalability are continually accelerating in the HPC, cloud, Web 2.0, data analytics, machine learning etc. In order to address these demands, Mellanox provides the complete solution emphasis, Roger Samara.

The computer and technology group has a lot of stocks. Still, the investors always look for the companies that are outperforming their peers. Chances are the question “Is Mellanox one of these stocks right now” strike in your mind. And it is necessary to take a glance at the company’s performance in contrast to the rest of the computer and technology sector in order to get the answer to your questions.

Let’s know about Mellanox Technologies in detail:

Mellanox Technologies (MLNX) is one of the best among 627 companies in the computer and technology group. The industry is the top leading dealer of the end to end InfiniBand and Ethernet smart interrelate solutions or services. These suppliers increase data center efficacy by providing the uppermost throughput and lowest latency.

This computer and technology group recently sits at #4 within the Zacks Sector Rank. Actually, the Zacks Sector Rank contemplate 16 different groups. And this is done by evaluating the average Zacks Rank of every stock within the sector to measure the strength of each group.

In fact, the Zacks Rank emphasis earnings approximations and estimate amendments to find the stocks with improving earnings outlooks. This system has a long record of accomplishment and these stocks tend to be on the path to weary the market over the next one to three months. Mellanox technologies now sporting a Zacks Rank of #1, says Roger Samara.

The Zacks Consensus estimate that MLNX’s full-year incomes have risen 11.03% higher over the past three months. This indicates that predictor sentiment is improving as well as the stocks earnings outlook is more optimistic.

At the end

On the basis of most current data, Mellanox Technologies has reimbursed 29.21% so far this year. And in comparison to MLNX, computer and technology corporations have returned an average of 10.33%. This means that Mellanox Technologies is overtaking the sector as a whole this year.

Looking more precisely, MLNX belongs develop, manufacture and sale of interconnected products. This includes adapter cards, switch systems, cables, modules etc. The semiconductors industry comprises 33 distinct stocks and presently sits at #100 in the Zacks Industry Rank.

This group has mislaid an ordinary of 7.59% so far this year and it means Mellanox Technologies is performing better in this area. Hence, the stockholders with the curiosity in Computer and Technology stocks should continue to trail MLNX suggest Roger Samara. The stock will be considered to continue its unshakable performance.

MORS Software Wins the Risk Technology Awards 2018

MORS has been awarded as “Bank ALM System of the year 2018” in the risk technology award. This software is a highly scalable solution that encounters a very large portion of ALM requirements in the banking sector. MORS is intentional for ease of use and cost efficiency along with a high level of computerization with low upkeep says, Roger Samara.

Moreover, the system offers suppleness of configuration and reporting. In fact, a single core system supports a set of operational modules, like balance-sheet administration, liquidity risk management, funds transfer pricing and counterparty credit risk etc. Actually, data management and appeasement are generally automated.

MORS imports data changes as they befall rather than importing the whole balance sheet at once. For wholesale banking dealings, like wholesale funding transactions, balance-sheet items are introducible in real time to have a substantial effect on the calculation results of key performance indicators, such as net interest income. Banking book dealings are usually introducible once or twice per day. Splitting the import as well as the frequency of data in this way evades load bottlenecks emphasis, Roger Samara.

Features of MORS software

MORS’ real-time competences empower users to encounter internal and regulatory requirements for ad hoc and immediate what-if calculations. It also means the system can offer real-time monitoring and supervision of limit and early-warning levels, usually for interest rate risk and liquidness risk management ratios.

In order to meet growing demand for interior and external controlling reporting, MORS’ offer rule engines. Using these engines the banks can define norms for new regulatory necessities and then run reports on their basis without upgrading the MORS software. The same rule engines are used for defining interior reporting needs and configuring calculations.

MORS presently added its Interest Rate Risk Scenario Engine. This makes it easy and fast for banks to complete sophisticated and challenging ALM calculations. The calculations include income-based calculations like earnings-at-risk and value-based calculations like economic value of equity. Along with this, the engine allows banks to do dynamic balance-sheet projections, including dynamic balance-sheet evolution settings. Plus, MORS recently introduces progressive parallel processing competencies and the choice to deploy on Microsoft’s Azure cloud said, Roger Samara.

Let’s find out what Mika Mustakallio — chief executive of MORS Software says

According to him, MORS Software is the best Nordic solution provider for capital management, liquidity risk supervision and ALM in banks. It is based on intellectual and influential in-memory analytics. And offer real-time scrutiny and reporting throughout the entire bank, assimilating both capital and banking book sides of the bank.

Financial institutions use MORS in order to monitor, manage and optimize their performance and risk levels within exterior and interior constraints. The supple configurability of MORS software facilitates the informal alteration to any controlling necessities and other metrics. This software meets patrons’ ALM requirements by providing a modern and user-friendly solution. MORS scales from fulfilling particular ALM requirements of Tier 1 banks to the joint treasury and ALM requirements of smaller banks.

Banks emphasis on the overall cost of ownership means they are progressively looking to maximize the profit from any system. This is when the value of MORS is completely understandable, with its cohesive treasury and ALM system able to shelter numerous risks.

Bottom Lines

The factor that presently driving alteration is the emphasis on user-friendly and flexible systems. Customers do not have time to regularly make software upgrades and improvements. And they need the aptitude to make variations to an ALM system. A lack of litheness in a system can delay firms’ replies to ad-hoc queries and capabilities to meet changing necessities. It is progressively comprehensible that ALM experts will need the aptitude to calculate five diverse rules rather than four.

The ability to monitor everything in real time makes businesses agile. And from a risk administration perspective, it is essential considering the loss of revenue-producing breaks akin with holding needlessly high buffers. By vigorously handling risk in real time, companies can make better-informed choices.

MORS Software offers a complete asset-liability management (ALM) system that is scalable, as well as user-friendly, says, Roger Samara. The software has won the reward for ALM system of the year following a current move to the cloud and preserving focus on providing clients capabilities for real-time monitoring. Chief executive Mika Mustakallio elucidates the essential trends and technological offerings above that the vendor sees as driving change.

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Why it is Unproductive to Request Unhackable Technology

We have seen ample of technologies in past few years and even many more are coming on the way. These mouthwatering technologies have changed the way we live or work says Roger Samara.

For instance, drone introduction is looking to disturb local distributions. Biometric technology could make identity verification and individual security far more progressive and reliable. Furthermore, self-driving cars could alter the way people commute. Of course, in a few years, our homes might be jam-packed with smart devices meant to automate as well as simplify the lives.

But along the way, customers and even business persons are obstructing the path toward development by highlighting the dreads they have of these technologies intrinsic vulnerabilities. However, it’s counterproductive to use these vulnerabilities as points of dispute against the validity of the technology or as hindrances to stop these technologies from becoming more accessible to patrons.

Unhackable Technology

Why it’s unproductive to demand perfection

In reality, it’s bad to request hack-proof technology? After all, voicing a concern shouldn’t be low if it means producing a better technology highlights Roger Samara – a computer savvy. In fact, there are some issues with making these demands including:

•    Limiting Interest in Innovation

Pushing for innovative standards makes it less tempting to invest in the latest technology. Actually, it will take more time and money to invest in a product before you can start selling it. Also, there is no assurance you will get to a point that will content customers as well as policymakers. Fact is, some companies like Amazon will likely continue to follow novel technology no matter what kind of opposition they face.

•    Putting the Burden of Safety on Others

This mindset puts the burden of safety on other objects. If you are reluctant to faith biometrics until the system is unforgeable, you are overlooking your own accountability for security. For instance, it is not the company’s liability to make sure every employee select a strong password and modify it frequently emphasis Roger Samara. It’s not their responsibility to ensure you are defending your own personal information.

•    Stirring the Goalposts

It is an informal misconception in which an increasingly more intense series of evidence is demanded earlier a claim is putative. Demanding progressively high standards of safety is an illustration of this. Every time a novel technology attains some milestone for customer defense or confidentiality, it’s not going to be good enough for a proportion of the populace. This creates a boundless cycle that can never be destroyed since even meeting impossibly high standards would outcome in even higher standards being set.

What we all should do

What does this mean? Should we stop inquiries about new technologies, just to drive further invention? Of course not! It is crucial that everyone including specialists and non-experts be shrewd when assessing new technologies.

But there is a need to comprehend that all technologies are integrally inadequate and inherently susceptible. And that every step forward is going to unlock new opportunities, both good and bad. Hence, Roger Samara suggest it’s good to hold top engineers and businesspersons to high standards, but not quixotically so.

Top 4 Emerging Technology Trends for 2018

Emerging Technology

Welcome to the world of technology! Where everything is getting advanced and easier especially for the corporate world. Everyone knows that last year was a revolutionary year in terms of technology. According to Roger Samarathis revolution is not going to end here. It is going to evolve in the year 2018 or beyond. At present, various industries are doing strategic planning to adapt these technologies with the motive to lead in the industry. However, what is more, important is to understand the new technology trends and how it can bring changes in the upcoming years. So, let’s check out few emerging technology trends.


These trends become the stepping stones for 2018, the technological evolution has led to 5 major trends for 2018,

Intelligent Apps and Analytics

A growing trend of AI in applications and services has become inevitable since 2017. AI has been involved in creating intelligent apps to provide human a better lifestyle. Whether it is virtual assistants or task performers, smart apps have the potential to transform the consumption of services. These intelligent apps use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to develop a contextual understanding of user interactions to have smart, human-like conversations.

Artificial intelligence

A.I. will undoubtedly impact the world that we live in. And we can see the growing interest of businesses in artificial intelligence. Most organizations nowadays are continuously gathering information to build AI strategies to lead in the industry. Further, the usage AI strategies are rapidly moving from understanding user voice to performing human tasks that will soon increase machine-human interaction.

Digital Twins

In the digital world, digital twins refer to the replica of physical assets. Constantly updated from multiple sources, it uses sensor data to update. With the rise of Internet usage, today digital twins have evolved from being a concept into reality. According to the prediction of experts like Roger Samara, most of the industries will use digital twins by 2021 which ultimately improve the effectiveness of the organization. In the era of internet, technology has evolved in different ways that help different industries including Healthcare, Automotive, Telecommunication, etc.


The growth of Blockchain is a new revolution in the industries. As it by enables smooth interactions among commercial parties outside the system. Regardless to say, blockchain is more than the virtual currencies. In simple terms, it is a new form of accounting: triple entry, in the comparison of basic or double entry. Double-entry accounting solved the problem of companies going under by forcing them to write down not only money going in and out but also what that money was used for. In a similar way. It tracks who buys assets from whom. For example, in the transaction log of Bitcoin, you can see that you bought or sold Bitcoin and who the other party was. Furthermore, it accomplishes this without the need of a central manager.

Technology – Sword and Shield for Domestic Violence Victims

With developing the recognition that domestic fierceness can be continued using technology, there has been an upsurge of news stories that emphasis on how criminals use it to compel and control victim’s, emphasis Roger Samara.

For example, when a boy stole his ex-girlfriend’s laptop to monitor her social media messages. Or if a husband installs GPS tracking system in daughter’s toy in order to know his wife’s whereabouts without her information. However, there is substantial potential for victims to use technology in order to hold abusers accountable.


Technology – A sword and shield for the victim?

Individuals facing domestic ferocity can make use of technology as a sword as well as the shield. Following are some ways technology can protect, empower and improve victim’s access to justice:

  • The technological advancement gives victims remote access to services.
  • Different available apps and online websites connect victims with service providers or support group.
  • CCTV cameras and GPS tracking devices can attentive victims and authorities if an abuser is approaching.
  • Through available applications, victims can stay in touch with family and friends.
  • Victims and police can now record the prevalence of domestic ferocity emphasis Roger Samara.

According to a recent study of 65 people, 18 victim says they have used technology to make recordings of their abuser’s behavior for numerous purposes. Causes comprise the gathering of proof to use in court, convincing themselves their ex-partner is, in fact, abusive and for the purpose of talking to the police and lawyers. Apps including iMatter, Smartsafe and Aurora are best applications for contact in an emergency situation.

Government support for tech solutions

The government seem like leading the way in the utilization of technology to tackle domestic fierceness. Moreover, it has enthusiastically comprised technology as part of its personal safety initiative. And this aims to protect children as well as women from family ferocity in their own residences.

Strategies used to help attain this goal include the installation of CCTV cameras in victim’s home to frighten abusers from breaking defence orders. In fact, Victoria forces will attire the camera while appearing in family violence incidents highlights Roger Samara.

Why is technology not cure?

It would be mistaken to trust technology will fix the problem of domestic fierceness. The axiom “prevention is better than cure” is correct. Fighting victim-blaming attitudes and teaching directed at the civic are important in averting domestic violence.

In fact, technology has its drawbacks. For instance, CCTV cameras and GPS tracking devices are prone to technical problems. Due to this reasons, these devices are not able to send timely alerts to authorities. Hence, these technological devices give the victim a wrong sense of security.

Another problem is that every individual cannot afford or access these safety devices without government funding. Therefore, whether these technological devices will help less prosperous victims is a question that requires enquiry.

Bottom Lines

There is a need to explore more inventive uses of technology in order to tackle the domestic fierceness. You should research more to scrutinize the efficiency of technology in averting domestic ferocity both in short term and long term.

Though, the indication to date demonstrates technology has much to offer fatalities of domestic violence says, Roger Samara. Hence, rather than stop using social media, the victims should use their smartphones or other devices to speak their story to people and get the help they deserve.