Computer virus wipes TWO YEARS worth of council documents after town clerk clicks on email link

roger samara

A town clerk mistakenly opened an email with a virus that wiped two full years of council documents.

Distraught John Vanderwolfe, 61, accidentally clicked on a link sent to Tiverton Town Council in Devon.

The email claimed to be from a parcel delivery firm but went on to infect all the council’s computers and destroy records dating back to 2015.

John, who says it’s the worst thing that’s happened in his twelve years in the role, admits the blunder “is a lesson to us all.”

A lot of what was lost were letters from members of the public to the council.

John said that fortunately financial and planning records are kept on another system and the council website so have been unaffected – but he said it will take several months to replace everything else that has been wiped.

The email explained that the parcel needed to be collected, and that the URL link supplied would lead to a page containing details on how to retrieve it.

For More Information:- Tom Bevan


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