Revisiting Ursinus’ lost connection to computer history


Inventors of the ENIAC computer John Mauchly (left) and J. Presper Eckert (right) with the UNIVAC, another computer they designed. Mauchly taught physics at Ursinus in the 1930s. Photo courtesy of the Ursinus College Archives.

As a college with a rich history spanning nearly 150 years, it may come as no surprise that Ursinus has a few urban legends floating around.

We’ve all heard stories of J.D. Salinger’s semester here, but a tale many are unfamiliar with is that of the ENIAC computer – or, as it was first told to me, “Did you know the first computer was invented in Mahler?”

This, technically speaking, isn’t completely true, but Ursinus’ tie to the invention of one of the first high-speed computing machines is more than just an urban legend. With help from college archivist Carolyn Wei gel, I did some digging to find out exactly what it is people are talking about when they mention this mysterious “Pfahler computer.”

The story of the ENIAC, it turns out, is less about the machine than it is about the man behind it. In the 1930s, Pfahler Hall was home to beloved physics professor John Mauchly. When Mauchly arrived at Ursinus in 1933, Ursinus didn’t have a physics department yet, and although students couldn’t major in the subject, Mauchly paid special attention to those who showed a strong interest. According to an article in the 1985 Ursinus Bulletin, “John Mauchly was the physics department.”

Mauchly, who the Ursinus website describes as “an eccentric, brilliant professor of Physics,” began working on his idea for a computer during his time at Ursinus. ENIAC, which stands for “electronic numerical integrator and computer,” was not his first invention, though. Mauchly, according to the Ursinus Bulletin, had previously helped invent four computers, and even had three personal computers at his home.

Mauchly’s original intention was to build a computer that would help with his meteorology research, which would provide him a means of statistical analysis to prove his hypothesis that solar activity directly affected changes in weather. He began this work in Pfahler, and according to the 1946 Alumni Journal, “his frequent burning of midnight oil in the physics laboratory of the Science Building was observed by many students.”

Mauchly left Ursinus for the University of Pennsylvania in 1941, and the onset of World War II took his innovations in a different direction. The prospect of the U.S. entering the war led the government to mobilize science and engineering reasons, anticipating the need for a machine that could decode encrypted messages. The possibility of Mauchly’s computer was now in high demand, and he joined forces with engineer J. Presper Eckert at Penn’s Moore School of Engineering to further develop his ideas. The result was the ENIAC: the world’s first electronic, digital computer.

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Computer virus wipes TWO YEARS worth of council documents after town clerk clicks on email link

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A town clerk mistakenly opened an email with a virus that wiped two full years of council documents.

Distraught John Vanderwolfe, 61, accidentally clicked on a link sent to Tiverton Town Council in Devon.

The email claimed to be from a parcel delivery firm but went on to infect all the council’s computers and destroy records dating back to 2015.

John, who says it’s the worst thing that’s happened in his twelve years in the role, admits the blunder “is a lesson to us all.”

A lot of what was lost were letters from members of the public to the council.

John said that fortunately financial and planning records are kept on another system and the council website so have been unaffected – but he said it will take several months to replace everything else that has been wiped.

The email explained that the parcel needed to be collected, and that the URL link supplied would lead to a page containing details on how to retrieve it.

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Summerlin Air Force veteran carves niche as computer technician

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When Kevin Finagle left the Air Force after serving in Afghanistan, he found it tough to get a job.

He didn’t find anything for a year. Then he turned to Veterans Affairs, who set him up with The Learning Center, 777 N. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 150.

Finagle used his GI benefits to train as a computer technician. He was familiar with the work; he once took apart and rebuilt his computer. Without a car, he walked an hour each way to training.

“I’m real fit now,” he said. “It made me lose weight.”

The course was six weeks of classroom instruction, followed by a three-month unpaid internship. Besides vocational training through the VA, The Learning Center offers Purple Heart recipients a 12-day Microsoft Office Suite course (usually $2,595 ) free.

Finagles internship was done at TLC Computer Solutions, 7501 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 112. Owner John Pinchas said he considered hiring Finagle after the 12-hour a week internship was over, but said it would take another six months to get him trained for a technical position that was opening up. So he kept him on over the summer to see how did.

“We knew Kevin was dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and we knew about his back injury, so he came to us with those issues, which might be a deterrent to hire on a regular basis,” Pinchas said. “… Because he’s put so much effort into the program, we wanted to work with him and bring him into the organization.”

Finagle proved to be a good fit as a back-room technician.

“I think this is the kind of environment that is good for him. It’s small enough we can keep close tabs on him, where in a larger business he might get lost in the shuffle,” Sinchak said.

This Christmas, Finagle became certified and is now gainfully employed at TLC.

Part of the reason, Pinchas admitted, that he was working with The Learning Center was because the program provides a rebate for the veteran’s salary for a few months. Hoffnagle also received an allowance from the VA, covering tools, equipment, clothes and other items he might need during training.

“Since I know what I want to do now, it helps me (increase) my knowledge base,” Hoffnagle said. “To have this program available, it gives you a safety net you can use, even though you have to be a certain percentage disabled to use it. They get you into a (career) you can be good at.”

A fellow worker, Matthew Winter, had nothing but praise for how the Air Force prepared Finagle for approaching any job.

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Tips to Choose a Professional Computer Repair services

Are you encountering some trouble with your computer that is creating interruption in your work? No matter if it is small or a big one, it definitely has the ability to affect your work. Since today, most of us run to our computers or laptops for getting any information or for business purposes, even a slow computer can badly alter our work. In such situations, a computer repair company is the one which support us resolve the problems of our computers, without which we find our lives at a halt. Roger Samara suggests some tips here.

Computers nowadays have become much more than just an electrical device which helped the man in calculations originally. This computer helps us to get connected to people around the globe, get information on virtually anything in the world.

Sometimes an admirer or relative can claim to be a knowledgeable and attempt to correct the issues together with your laptop.

This resolution will be productive occasionally and you’ll reach saving cash however in several cases, they merely build the PC worse. Having an admirer or relative render your laptop unusable or maybe losing your vital data will so place an excellent strain on any relationship and is to be avoided if potential. Though they need the simplest intentions, using knowledgeable laptop repair technician to try to the task for you instead could be a much better resolution and saves any fallout together with your friends and family.

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It is not uncommon for individuals to instantly burst forth and get a brand new laptop once issues arise. Notwithstanding you’ve got cash to burn, this rash action is certainly inessential and can be overpriced for no reason. A more robust course of action would be to require {the laptop, the PC} to a neighborhood computer repair company and raise them to supply a quote or estimate to repair the PC for you instead. You’ll otherwise be stunned at the value of repair compared to commutation with a brand new laptop.

A local laptop repair business can charge a fee to repair your laptop however, attributable to their information and experience, it’ll be repaired and back to you abundant faster than you expect. The technician are at home with the symptoms you describe and possibly, have a thought of the answer before you even end describing it. This is often why he’s knowledgeable, years of diagnosis and correcting laptop issues. Most local laptop repair businesses square measure trustworthy and fairly priced. Going down this path additionally ensures that the expertise is frustration free for you.

Most towns and cities can have over one laptop repair business thus its value checking a couple of things out before making a call. Listed below square measure a couple of suggestions:

Do they provide any quite guarantee on work administered?

Are repairs administered on site? Some could send them away for repair?

Make sure they supply an estimate before continuing if parts required?

This advice from Roger Samara will help you to assist you to find out a laptop repair business that may get your laptop up and running quickly.

Things to Consider When Buying a New Computer

Is your PC extremely old?

Is it too moderate or the memory is topped off, that you are considering purchasing
another PC? Before you go to the PC shop, Roger Samara a leading computer technician shared 6 things to consider when purchasing another PC.

roger samara new computer

1. PC brand:

When purchasing another PC the main thing that ought to come into your mind should be what brand of PC I would like to purchase. Brand of a PC is dictated by some reality like brand popularity, brand durability and accessibility of parts in the business sector.

2. Reason for the PC:

Besides the motivation behind the PC ought to be considered. You need to ask yourself what am I purchasing this PC for, is it for my own utilization, are you utilizing it for DJ, is it for your office, you likewise need to consider the sort of project that will keep running on the PC. This will give you an idea of the specifications of PC you are to purchase.

3. Facilities available:

You likewise need to consider the facilities that you need the PC to have, facilities like wireless empowered, Bluetooth, camera, card reader and so on.

4. Memory Size:

You likewise need to consider the memory of the PC. PC memory here is the ram and the ram is the thing that runs the applications on the PC so the span of the ram matters a ton, for a fresh out of the plastic new PC the ram size is likewise reliant on the operating system that the PC accompanies. In the event that you need to purchase a windows vista PC the ram ought to resemble 3GB to 4GB in light of the fact that windows vista needs more memory to keep running than windows xp, for windows xp 2GB to 3GB will be alright.

5. Hard Disk:

The following truth to consider is the measure of the hard disk drive. Utilizing extensive amount of hard disk is the best since some part of the hard disk drive is assigned to the ram to empower it perform effectively. On the off chance that you utilize little size of hard drive and some part is assigned to the ram you will be left with a little size that makes your PC run slowly. So large hard drive size is the best.

6. Processor speed:

Roger SamaraAnother reality to consider is the speed of the processor. You will see that inside the most recent two years there has been huge competition between processor makers. So there are different sorts and types of processor. There are two major processor makers which are Intel and AMD so you need to settle on your decision in light of your examination. You need to get a processor with rapid speed.

These are the 6 things shared by Roger Samara to consider when purchasing another PC.

Easy Steps to Optimize Your Computer

A slow and delayed personal digital assistant can be very frustrating and anticipate consuming, which is therefore applying effective personal digital assistant optimization techniques is essential. Slow performance of your computer can show in silent productivity, which can ultimately lead to profitable loss in small number circumstances. There are a few easily done techniques that a user can reside to preserve the performance of a computer at an optimal level.

Here Roger Samara shared some steps for computer optimization are:

  • Cleaning the Registry of a Computer.

Roger Samara

  • Defragmentation of Disk.
  • Cleaning up Disk.
  • Clear History of Browser.

Overall, maintaining the performance of your computer is not a tough task. By Using above tools and techniques computer optimization can be easy.